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Welcome to our selection of wine cellar doors, where style meets functionality. Explore our range of exquisite doors designed to enhance the aesthetics and security of your wine sanctuary.


Our team of specialists constructs seamless glass wine cellar doors, solid wood doors, or wrought iron doors that will perfectly match your wine cellar.

Designed To Make A Statement, Custom Wine Cellars Creates Unique Wine Room Doors That Stand Out From The Crowd

Our services go beyond wood carving to encompass etchings on glass as well. No matter if the design is from our gallery or from your own sketch, we can reproduce nearly any design you like!

For example, we can engrave your company’s logo prominently on glass or engrave your family crest on wood. Glass, wood, or wrought iron can all be decorated in a number of elaborate ways with impressive quality.

A wrought-iron detail coupled with distressed wood could form the center of an old-world look. In addition to traditional designs, we can also provide you with high-tech contemporary designs.

We also create hand-carved sidelights and transoms to complement your hand-carved wine cellar door. What’s important is that your wine cellar door has the quality of craftsmanship that will have a lasting impact on you for years to come.

Designing Custom Wine Cellar Doors That Will Last Forever

To make our wine cellar doors stronger and more insulating, we put them through a special heat treatment.

Laminated Veneer Lumber, or LVL, is the core of our doors. LVT is a relatively new technology that is only offered by a few manufacturers. The LVL product is composed of multiple thin, bonded layers of wood.

Because it is a composite, it has a dramatic reduction in warping and shrinkage. In addition, laminated veneer lumber has superior insulation properties to solid wood.

With a relatively thick veneer layer added to the core of the building process, the final product still has the look and feel of a solid hardwood door.

Auto-Seal Door Bottoms

Also, our wooden wine cellar doors are equipped with an automatic bottom.

Integrated into the bottom edge of the door is this mechanical device. Whenever the door is opened, it automatically goes up into the core but drops down just before it is closed completely.

As opposed to door sweeps, automatic door bottoms do not require a threshold in order to function properly, so your floor design can be consistent throughout your home.

We’ve also designed our automatic door bottoms so that they prevent door dragging from damaging your floors in addition to sealing the interior air in.

We also install weather stripping on our custom wine cellar doors. In order to prevent warm and cold air from leaking into or out of your wine room, we install it around the door.

Leaks in the air can lead to condensation and moisture build-up, which can damage your wine collection, wine racks, corks, and labels. Mold and mildew can also grow as a result.

This step is included in the design and construction of Custom Wine Cellar Doors. They may also be used for patio and deck entrances as well as front doors. Wine cellar doors manufactured by our experts will not only be beautiful, but also be safe and functional.


Our hand-carved wine cellar doors offer exceptional strength, quality, insulation and resistance to warping due to their Mortise & Tenon joints, Laminated Veneer Lumber cores, and automatic door bottoms. Having them work in harmony with the rest of your wine cellar will protect your collection.

We offer wine cellar wood doors with dual pane tempered glass, automatic bottom motor that stops draughts, easy to clean operable iron, case molding, stain, and lacquer finishes. There are seven different molding options (no matter what your decor is), weatherstripping (likewise to keep out draughts), and several different woods from which to choose. We can distress the door in order to make it look antique. An older look can be further enhanced by hardware accents like strap nails and hinges. There are also many castle-style entryways in our collection and even small nostalgic cottage doors. It doesn’t matter what you envision, we can design and build it for you into a practical wine cellar door.

Custom Wine Cellars Offer Different Types Of Doors

Custom Wine Cellar provides commercial and residential clients with many design options. In order to create unique and elegant, wrought iron solutions, we work with each client to tailor our solutions to their needs. Every design is tailored to a client’s needs. All works of art we create are made with only the best materials and crafted by skilled artisans.

We design custom wine cellar doors that will attract guests to see the wines contained within the cellar. A commercial wine cellar can increase their sales by doing this.

Wood Framed Wine Cellar Doors

Several of our clients have hired us to build traditional wine rooms for their wine collections. For the wine cellar doors, we opted for wood to complement the space’s design.

Our Custom Wine Cellars offer doors crafted from hand-carved wood. There are a variety of design options available to you. You can rely on us to design a specific door for you if you want one.

Metal Framed Wine Cellar Doors

Enhance the modern appeal of your custom wine cellar with our sleek and durable metal-framed doors. Crafted with precision, our doors provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal, perfectly complementing your wine cellar design. Discover the perfect metal-framed door to showcase your prized wine collection and elevate your wine cellar experience. Explore our selection of custom wine cellar doors today and create a stunning entrance that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Upgrade your wine cellar with style and sophistication.

Frameless Wine Cellar Doors

Elevate the elegance of your custom wine cellar with our exquisite frameless doors. Designed to maximize visibility and create a seamless aesthetic, our frameless doors offer a stunning showcase for your wine collection. Explore our selection of custom frameless doors and enhance the sophistication of your wine cellar design. Upgrade your wine cellar experience with our premium craftsmanship and impeccable style. Choose the perfect frameless door to make a statement and impress your guests. Transform your wine cellar into a captivating space that reflects your refined taste.

Decorative Wrought Iron Grills For Wine Cellars

For wine collectors who want a vintage touch in their cellar, our wrought iron grill doors are recommended. Wrought iron doors are available in many designs; typically they consist of curves, but can be customized into pretty much any shape you want.

We welcome your custom wine cellar door design. Please let us know if you have ideas in mind. Our craftspeople will incorporate it to construct a unique wine cellar entrance.

The Benefits Of Glass Cellar Doors In Wine Cellar Construction: Why They Are In Demand In California Wine Cellar Construction

Wine cellar doors designed by experts are in demand for residential and commercial construction projects. If you wish to have your wine collection visible to friends and family outside your wine room, you can choose a seamless wine cellar door.

California hotels, bars, restaurants, and retail stores can use this system to advertise the vintages they sell without forcing customers into their commercial wine cellar.

Since your elegant wine rack system can be seen from the outside, it will easily attract potential clients’ attention. Glass wine cellar doors can be built in California with a wooden frame, a wrought-iron grill, or many other options, depending on your preference.