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Create the perfect foundation for your wine cellar with our premium flooring options. From cork to stone, explore durable and stylish materials that complement your wine collection beautifully.

Design Specialists' Recommendations For Wine Cellar Flooring

California’s Custom Wine Cellar is considered to be one of the best wine cellar designers in the state. It has been our pleasure to create wine walls that are stunning as well as functional in small unused closets as well as large rooms. Thanks to our passion and creativity and our extensive experience in design and construction, our clients have been amazed by what we have accomplished.

Creating a custom wine cellar requires attention to every element involved. The flooring of the wine cellar is one of the elements. From reclaimed wine barrels to cooperage and Stave, we help you choose the right flooring for your home. It should suit your design goals and be installed appropriately so that it avoids issues that occur in a refrigerated environment. When an inexperienced builder uses inferior products or substandard installation techniques, long-term problems can occur.

Flooring Made From Wine Barrels

By reusing the wine barrels used by the wineries, we can help preserve Mother Earth. As opposed to filling landfills with reclaimed wine barrels, builders and designers decided to use them for wine cellar flooring.

No stain is applied to the wood so that its natural colors and variations can be appreciated. To keep the floors durable, our floors are coated with a water-based polyurethane. We do not bother to match tones or colors since wood and barrels differ so greatly that these choices would completely change look and appearance.

Wine Cellar Flooring In The Cooperage Style

Using wine barrels for other purposes makes perfect sense, it keeps them out of landfills and they are such beautiful and robust wood that you would never want to throw them away. The cooperage marks are part of what makes a barrel so beautiful. The markings are similar to those applied to livestock to identify the winery of the barrel or the distillery of the spirits. Each Cooper’s signage is unique in this way. The barrels are treated in a special process to preserve their uniqueness, reinforced to be flat, and tempered to preserve their history. A great choice for the most discriminating wine lover.

These woods can be used for a variety of applications as well, including floors, walls, ceilings, table tops, bar stools, etc. In addition, barrels are often atop and or at the bottom of the barrel. As a result, even these parts can be utilized, allowing your creativity to thrive. Your only limitations will be your inspiration and budget! You can showcase your discerning taste for the best things in life by installing cooperage products into your custom wine cellar, whether it is for your residential or commercial wine cellar project.

Flooring For Wine Cellars By Wine Infusion

We recommend that you choose Infused style wine cellar flooring if you are looking for planks made from the inside of the barrel. As the wine barrel ages, its interior becomes naturally stained or ”wine-soaked,” exhibiting pinkish to reddish tones. A barrel with a redder, stronger wine will have a darker color inside. Many barrels have held white wine varieties in the past, giving them a lovely creamy brown color. If you prefer, you can always combine red and white barrels. We have seen some amazing floors when red and white barrels are combined.

Wine Barrel Flooring: Stave

The Stave wine barrel flooring has been constructed from the vertical wood planks from the barrel’s outside, adding character by removing the metal bands as the barrel is taken There are no two planks exactly alike, making each one unique. Wine barrel flooring can also be adorned with what are known as cooperage logos, because each barrel usually only has one cooperage, making them a highly prized material and difficult to find. As a result, your new flooring will have only a small percentage of wood with the marks.=

Correctly Installing Wine Cellar Flooring

It is essential that you work with a knowledgeable designer and installer for the installation of your wine cellar floor, such as Custom Wine Cellar, to ensure it will not cause any problems in maintaining an optimal environment.

To guarantee the longevity and performance of your wine cellar flooring, our qualified team of experts will insulate it to safeguard against fluctuating temperature and humidity. If moisture builds up in your wine cellar, it will damage your wine’s taste and its integrity as well as the cork and labels of your wine.