Custom Wine Cellar Lighting Viejo, CA - Custom Wine Cellar


Illuminate your wine cellar with elegance and precision. Discover our selection of lighting solutions, designed to showcase your collection and create a captivating ambiance for your wine haven.

Contemporary Lighting For An Elegant Wine Cellar

Rushing through a project could lead to disaster. We were asked by this client to get his wine cellar done as quickly as possible. They completed this elegant modern wine cellar in record time because Steve and his team pushed themselves incredibly hard. Within 45 days, the project was completed. The wine cellar was finished and fully functional when they were done.

An Exceptional Modern Wine Cellar

The wine cellar in Palm Springs was designed and built by Steve Pantalemon and his team of creatives and experts. Glass panels enclose the modern wine cellar. In addition, the wine room features a metallic door handle that adds to the room’s modern appearance. There are triple deep Vintage View wine pegs arranged centrally inside. We installed each side with one single deep wine peg to balance things out. The Whisper KOOL ceiling mount cooling unit kept the wine storage area cool. The wine cellar is illuminated by adjustable LED lighting.

Our team assisted the client not only with the design of the wine cellar, but also with transporting his wine collection from Hollywood to Palm Spring. Due to the different temperatures in Hollywood and Palm Springs, this is a delicate task. Although the difference may seem insignificant, it could negatively affect the wine’s quality when traveling. To address the problem, Steve hired a refrigerator van to transport the wines to Palm Springs.


Cellar Cooling System That Is Efficient And Effective

Adding a WhisperKOOL ceiling mount cooling unit helped maintain optimum wine cellar temperatures. There are two separate units in the cooling system, with an evaporator and condenser housed in separate locations. Each part is separated from the other. These are ideal for wine cellars with a soffit where the rest would be hidden and a vent could just be seen from above.  Besides being ideal for wine cellars built in the middle of the house, WhisperKOOL’s ceiling mount cooling system works well for large wine cellars as well. I am sure that no one would want the condenser vent of a self-contained cooling unit to drip water droplets in the middle of their house. 

During installation, the team installed the ductwork, condenser and cables inside the soffit. There is only one vent visible from the ceiling of the evaporating unit. Because the other components are absent, the wine room appears clean. The cooling system in the wine cellar maintains the wine’s ideal temperature. No matter how hot Palm Springs is, particularly during the month of July, it is a highly efficient cooling system. 

Palm Springs has experienced temperatures as high as 123°F. The temperature in Phoenix isn’t much different, at 122°F. If you plan to build a wine cellar in Phoenix, taking into consideration the different temperatures from both Scottsdale and Palm Springs, this wine chilling system would be the perfect fit.


In terms of functionality, wine cellar lighting can make or break the wine room. Your collection of wine will be more prominent. Incorrect lighting, however, could ruin your wines. LED bulbs are recommended for wine cellars because they emit virtually no heat as opposed to traditional incandescent. You could endanger your wines’ delicate aging process with this unwanted heat. Worst case scenarios can lead to your wine collection being ruined. 

During the construction of this wine cellar, an adjustable LED lighting system was used. From the touchscreen interface control panel outside the wine cellar, you can control the color and brightness of the wine cellar. One of the highlights of this wine cellar is the ability to adjust the lighting in real-time. Depending on his mood, the owner can change the settings. The lighting inside this wine cellar is contemporary and beautiful.

Modern Wine Cellar Construction Successfully Completed In Palm Springs

The modern wine cellar created by Steve and his team is amazing. A successful fusion of modern design elements was achieved in the wine cellar. A racking system for the client’s wine collection includes Vintage View metallic wine pegs. The wine pegs look beautiful and the sturdy construction ensures that the wines are secured. There is no clutter in the cooling system, so it works efficiently. Palm Springs’ fluctuating temperatures will not affect the wine room’s optimum temperature. The lighting for this wine cellar is one of the “wow” factors.

A wine cellar that you’ve dreamed up is the perfect addition to your home, so why not build it in California? Let’s make it happen NOW.