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Keep your wine cellar in pristine condition with our comprehensive maintenance services. From temperature monitoring to cleaning and upkeep, we ensure your cellar remains a sanctuary for your wines.

A Maintenance Plan Can Protect Your Wine Collection

We tend to forget how important it is to have our wine cellar’s cooling system serviced regularly. Regular maintenance is the secret to trouble-free operation of mechanical and electrical systems.

We recommend that all owners of large wine collections implement a structured maintenance schedule where we take responsibility for keeping your wine cellar well-maintained.


It is crucial to maintain the quality of your wine collection by regularly maintaining the cooling system in your cellar. The benefits of a proactive maintenance plan include early detection of cellar issues and immediate resolution of them, preventing further  damage and costly repairs.

Exactly What Is Included?

Check-Up After 40 Days Of Installation
  • What makes this so important?
  • Cooling system problems usually appear fairly quickly. The majority of these minor problems are not complete failures, but left uncorrected they can cause much more serious problems later. When a problem is discovered quickly, a few minor adjustments are usually enough to correct it.
Interim Service Of 6 Months Each Year
  • In addition to examining all moving parts and electrical components, we also check the range of the environment’s operation. Fan motor components, motor parts, and machine pressures are all included here.
  • Where external components are installed, this is particularly important.
12 Months Of Full Service Per Year
  • In addition to examining all moving parts and electrical components, we also check the range of the environment’s operation. The fans, components of the motor and the pressures within the unit are included in this. During an inspection, we lubricate the system and check for leaks, generally making sure that everything is functioning properly. During our inspection, we check for humidity issues and leaks in all room seals that could have an impact on the wine cellar’s climate.
  • This is especially important in cases of external components being installed. When your system is due for a service, we contact you and schedule a convenient appointment.

Routine maintenance of your wine cellar cooling system is an essential service in preserving the quality of your collection. When you have a proactive maintenance plan set in place, issues with your wine cellar will be detected early on and addressed immediately, preventing further damage and costly repairs.

You Don’t Want To Risk Your Wine Collection, So Automate Its Protection With A Proactive Maintenance Plan

Keeping a wine cellar in a climate-controlled environment is essential. In most cases, problems are gradual and result in expensive and unpleasant remedies. Taking down and rebuilding a back wall for example, due to mold, may be necessary. Mold can be particularly difficult to completely remove from a wine cellar once it has taken hold. When problems such as these are detected early, however, they can often be corrected easily or avoided altogether.

These Terms And Conditions Apply

Within 50 miles of (add location here), the above rates cover all labor and travel. Rates are available for locations outside that area upon request. Rates do not include any costs associated with replacement parts if they are needed.