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Metal Wine Racks

Discover the sleek elegance and durability of metal wine racks. Explore our collection of stylish and functional designs to elevate your wine storage and display.

Contemporary Metal Racking Solutions

A metal wine rack is a space-savvy, flexible, high-quality, and contemporary rack for storing wine. Due to all the advantages metal wine racks provide, there is no doubt that they are increasing in popularity and demand among home owners, entrepreneurs, builders, and designers.

Why Do Master Builders Recommend Modern Metal Wine Racks?

Globally, demand for sleek interiors is on the rise. Using metal wine racks, we have completed custom wine room installations at Custom Wine Cellar. We help our clients enjoy modern wine display and storage systems in their homes or businesses.

Add a touch of luxury

Displaying your wines in metal wine racks is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home or business. Contemporary spaces are often designed using metal. As a result of its sleek appearance, it is no wonder that wine racks made from this material are becoming a favorite of architects, builders, and owners of hotels, bars, restaurants, and supermarkets.

Conveniently browse wines with label-forward bottle configuration

Unlike our metal wine shelves, wooden wine racks require you to flip a bottle to see its label and contents, whereas our metal wine shelves display the bottles with the labels facing out. The chemical composition of wine will be altered when the bottle is flipped.  

By doing so, it will disrupt the sediments that settle at the bottom and interfere with the subtle nuances of the wine, which will lead to its bitter or unpleasant taste. Additionally, when the sediment mixes with the wine, it becomes more difficult to separate among the two when drinking it.  

It is better for commercial wine cellars to have metal wine racks oriented with the labels forward because it allows the customers to find or locate a certain type of wine quickly.  

The perfect complement to any décor

With metal wine racks, your existing decor will look great regardless of whether it’s traditional or modern. Wine collectors who prefer a minimalistic design for their home or commercial wine cellar will appreciate this type of racking system.

Capacity maximum for storage

Creating a wine cellar that maximizes available space is what Custom Wine Cellar is all about. Wine racks made of metal are designed to mount on walls, taking up no floor space. We recommend metal wine racks for wine cellars that are small and narrow.

Display of wines on a massive scale

A high-density metal wine rack is recommended for commercial use. Increased sales can be achieved by displaying a wide selection of wine. 

Custom Wine Cellar offers innovative metal wine rack solutions

We offer a range of metal wine rack systems such as VintageView, Cable, and Ultra PEG. Depending on your needs, we will determine the best wine storage system.

Wine metal racks by Vintage View

Metal wine racks by VintageView are popular with both residential and commercial customers. Different sizes, depths, and styles are available. It is designed to hold your bottles label-forward so that the stainless steel pegs secure them in place. Wine racks can be purchased in kit form or customized to fit your preferences.  

The wall-mounted systems they provide can transform dull walls into something special. The Evolution Series offers free-standing wine racks made from acrylic panels and chrome plated metal rods. Wine racks with floor-to-ceiling displays are the ideal solution for displaying bottles behind a glass wall, or for when wall mounting is not feasible.    

Choose from Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Black Chrome, and Satin Black finishes for racks. The finish can be customized, but expect a longer lead-time. Metal wine racks from VintageView are easy to assemble. You may however use our installation services if you do not want to perform the installation yourself.     

Decorative cable wine racks

Today, we can find cable wine rack systems among the latest styles available. Due to its unique way of displaying glasses, it is gaining popularity. Additionally, they are versatile since bottles of different sizes can be accommodated.  

One bottle is held by two cables. Clamps are used to secure cables to the wall. Wine bottles look like they are fluttering in the air when displayed on cable wine racks and it limits vibration that can damage the wine. 

PEG Series Ultra Wine Racks

Each wine bottle is stored in one of our Ultra PEG wine racks on a backsplash using two stainless steel pegs. The convenience of increasing the capacity of the rack is one of the advantages of this type of wine storage system. If you want to expand your collection, you don’t have to change the whole rack; just add more pegs. Furthermore, since the pegs are easy to assemble, getting a professional to help is not a necessity. Displayed bottles have their necks facing out. Custom backer boards and pre-made panels are both available. The walls of your home will be adorned with a dazzling wine display whether you choose an acrylic or wooden backing. If you opt for a wooden backing, you can choose between Alder, Maple, Red Oak, and Black Walnut.

You can create a unique wine rack system using the backsplash options available at your hotel, restaurant, or bar.

One bottle is held by two cables. Clamps are used to secure cables to the wall. Wine bottles look like they are fluttering in the air when displayed on cable wine racks and it limits vibration that can damage the wine. 

Get A Professional To Design And Install Your Metal Wine Racks

Looking for an updated wine cellar system for your home or business? Here at Custom Wine Cellars, we offer many wine storage solutions. Call us at (949) 771-2712 for assistance in choosing the perfect wine rack for your space.